Saturday, July 14, 2012

Pollution in India

About 80 % of urban waste in India ends up in rivers where it destroys river ecosystems and make bodies of water unfit for human use. Untreated sewage often ends up in rivers and testing of the water from the Ganges River near Varanasi showed that levels of fecal coliform, a dangerous bacterium that comes from untreated sewage, were about 3,000 percent higher than what is considered safe for bathing. This is of course causing many illnesses. It also has to be said that India invested lots of money in clean-up efforts, especially in area of New Delhi, but is it not enough considering the fact that India is having a rapid growth of population. Worse of all, water-borne diseases in India are causing child mortality.

Air pollution is India is almost as much as in China and some experts believe that smog from India and China could even change weather patterns in North America. Even the famous Taj Mahal is becoming more and more yellow because of tremendous air pollution. India is already facing massive environmental damage and many deaths and diseases of human population are caused because of air and water pollution.


At August 20, 2016 at 4:14 AM , Blogger Charles Sorensen said...

The fast developing industrialization is driving loads of natural issues by its uncontrolled dirtied emanation. Different reasons of contaminations in India are the demolition of backwoods, discharges of vehicles, area corruption because of utilization of harmful bug spray for agribusiness, lack of common assets, wild copying of wood fuel and some more. Contamination is the primary motivation to lead loads of infection, wellbeing issues and long haul business sway.
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At November 22, 2017 at 6:41 AM , OpenID donaldtavarlo said...

It's so terrible that it's hard to find words. I resent this news! People themselves destroy their lives and (Oh God!) Change the climate! The consequences, unfortunately, affect not only India or China, but the whole world. In my app store review blog, I also describe similar problems. I would like people to unite in solving such global problems.

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