Saturday, July 14, 2012

Geog TB pg 81

Qn 1: Air transport has developed in terms of airplanes being able to virtually connect any two cities in the world with non-stop services between cities like New York-Singapore and Los Angeloes-Dubai. The 777-200LR extended the range of the 777 family by more that 2775 kilometres and can carry 301 passengers for up to 17466 kilometres.

Qn 2: 777-200LR efficiency will attract more passengers because travel time is cut short and 777-200LR can travel further distances. Passengers will not need to stopover at other countries. This will increase the profit earned by the airline companies, as there will be a high demand for seats since the passengers will be able to save time. However, when there is a high demand, the airline companies will have to buy more 777-200LR so as to please the passengers. But building the 777-200LR is expensive, so the price for it will defenitely not be cheap. Because of this, airline companies that bought the 777-200LR will have to mark up the price for the air tickets so as to recuperate their loss and earn a profit. This might in turn be too expensive for some people, and they will choose not to buy tickets for the 777-200LR. When this happens, the demand for the 777-200LR will drop and the companies will have to lower the price for the tickets, which will result in a loss for the companies as well.


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