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How humans affect rivers


Here is a list of some things that humans can do that have a negative impact on river ecosystems:

the levels of the water. Damming can be a great renewable resource for power, but it may destroy river ecosystems downstream. Damming can also be an effective flood control measure to ensure towns and neighborhoods are safe. Dams can obstruct the path of migratory fish and disrupt the life cycle of many different

This can have a major effect on floodplains.
– Modifying a stream or river into a pattern other than what may be its natural meandering.

storm drain will flow directly into the river. Many people don’t realize this water isn’t "cleaned" before it runs right into a natural waterway.
– Discarding materials into a river. Any chemical, such as car oil or antifreeze, poured down a

riding horses, walking a dog, fishing from a boat, or simply having a picnic. All of these activities could have a negative impact to river wildlife if not done carefully.
– Activities done for relaxation or enjoyment. Examples of river recreation are driving ATVs,


Domestic Animals
- Waste from livestock can be washed into rivers, adding excessive nutrients and illness causing bacteria. Pet waste can also be a problem, but they are more likely to impact the wildlife of the river by chasing or hunting.

– Careless disposal of trash and waste.– Obstructing the flow of a river or stream for energy production, to create a lake, or to controlaquatic organisms.

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I would like to comment on the part of Damming. Well, there are good points and bad points on damming. So do you think that damming is good to us or it will have a negative effect on us?

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