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  • big open spaces, not many bushes
  • trees are only found near streams and rivers
  • seems like an endless ocean of grass
  • 10-30 inches of rain per year
  • often located between forests and deserts
  • soil tends to be deep and fertile (Crops grow well)
  • roots of perennial grasses usually penetrate far into the soil.
  • Tallgrass prairie
    - Lies mainly in the eastern portion of the Midwest
    - Grasses normally grow to 5 feet tall
    - Annual rain total approach 30 inches per year
  • Mixed grass prairie
    - Lies mainly in the middle portion of the Midwest
    - Grasses normally grow to 2-3 feet tall
    - Typically 15-25 inches of rain per year
    - where buffalo once roamed
  • Short grass prairie
    - Lies mainly in the western portion of the Midwest, hugging the coast of the deserts and the Rocky mountains into Canada
    - Grasses normally are no more than two feet tall
    - Usually a little more than 10 inches of rain per year
    - Prairie dogs are common.

Grasslands of the World
  • found on either side of two desert belts that circle the Earth
  • about one-quarter of Earth are grasslands
  • Tropical grasslands: closer to Equator; hot all year round
  • Temperate grasslands: further from Equator; both hot summer and harsh winter
  • Once covered much of interior of North American, also common in Eurasia ans South American
  • highly productive when first converted to agriculture uses
    (Organic material in soil comes from hundreds and thousands of years of decomposition
  • Go by different names
    - South American: Pampas
    - Europe: Steppes
    - Africa: Savannas

    Grassland Animals
    • Grasslands lacks trees and heavy bushes to hide animals
    • home to large herds of grazing animals
      (Open landscape and widely spaced trees)
    • Active only during the rainy season
    • Includes animals like Warthog, Afican Elephant, Brown Hyena and Bison


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