Saturday, March 31, 2012

Argricultural seasons in India

Kharif Season:
- Starts in June when the South-West monsoon starts.
- Seeds are sown in June and July and crops are harvested in September and October.
- Crops which require large quantities of water are cultivated during the Kharif season.
E.g. of crops are rice, sugar-cane, jute, cotton, tobacco, maize etc.

Rabi Season
- Starts in the middle of October when the South-West monsoon retreats and the North-East Monsoon begins.
- Seeds are sown in October and crops are harvested in March and April.
- Crops which require less water are grown during the rabi season.
E.g of crops are wheat, barley, gram, mustard, linseed etc. These crops require cooler conditions and less moisture.

Zaid crops:
- Crops which are grown throughout the year in all parts of the country under artificial irrigation,
E.g. of crops are rice, maize, melons, groundnut, water melons, cucumber, leafy and tuber vegetables etc.


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