Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Air pollution in Singapore

One of the major pollutants in Singapore are sulphur dioxide (SO2). The sources of sulphur dioxide emissions in Singapore include power stations, refineries, other industries, shipping and other minor sources such as airport, vehicles and construction activities. The sulphur dioxide emission in 2010 inventory, which is developed based on extensive emissions data collected from various sources in 2007, is as shown:

Shell, 28278 tonnes
Singapore Refining company, 26754 tonnes
ExxonMobil, 22421 tonnes

-Power stations
Power Seraya, 14194 tonnes
Tuas Power, 18382 tonnes
Senoko Power, 7754 tonnes

-Shipping, 28026 tonnes

-Other industries
Sembcorp Utilities and Terminals, 748 tonnes
ExxonMobil Petrochemical, 722 tonnes
Linde Syngas, 546 tonnes
Mitsui Phenol, 436 tonnes
Petrochemical Corporation of Singapore, 208 tonnes
Invista, 3 tonnes
Other fuel oil users, 1300 tonnes
Diesel users, 46 tonnes

-Motor vehicles
Petrol vehicles, 891 tonnes
Diesel vehicles, 101 tonnes

Total amount of sulphur dioxide emmitted in Singapore= 150,810 tonnes


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