Friday, February 25, 2011

The earth's layers

We had already started learning about rocks and land formations last week. This week, we have learnt that the Earth's crust is made up of rocks. We have also learnt that beneath the Earth's crust is the liquid mantle and the solid core.
  The mantle of the Earth is actually made of molten magma and is >2000 degrees celsius, and the solid core of the Earth is made up of iron and some nickel. Geologists suspect that there is a third substance present but are not sure exactly what it is. The core of the Earth is about 5000 degrees celsius. The chief tool that geologists have made use of to study the Earth are earthquakes. The bigger the magnitude of the earthquake, the more it tells them about the core of the Earth.

  It was a little hard for us to comprehend that the core of the Earth was a solid when it is so hot! We hope to learn more about  the layers of the Earth.

Cherie Peh, Nicole Lien
ACE Geography

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

On our last geography lessons, we learn about the different rock characteristics and the formation of the sedimentary rocks. I never did care about how rocks look like before To me, rocks were just round things used to be kicked around when we are angry or frustrated. Also, I think the formation of rocks are very interesting, because rocks didn't just fell down from the sky one fine day right?

Did you know that the first geologist on the moon was Harrison Schmitt who was part of the Apollo 17 mission? From the rock samples he collected, scientists have been able to learn many things about the moon. This shows that rocks can help us find out more about things.

Cherie Peh, Nicole Lien
Ace geography

Sunday, February 13, 2011

This week's lesson

  On our last ACE geography lesson this week, we discussed about the different scales of rocks. In my opinion, it's absolutely amazing how everyday from the moment we wake up and stand up on the ground, we are actually standing on rocks. Before our lesson, it never actually occurred to me before.

  Did you know that the biggest rock, Mount Augustus, is arond 490 kilometeres by road? A rock is a naturally occuring solid agregate of minerals or mineraloids. Even the outer solid layer of the Earth's crust is actually made up of rocks!

Cherie Peh, Nicole Lien
ACE Geography