Friday, August 12, 2011

Temperate Deciduous and Temperate Coniferous Forests

Tropical rainforests:
- high rainfall
- location: nearer to the equator (23.5 degrees North and South)

Temperate forests:
- not so hot all year round
- 4 seasons
- location: northern hemisphere, higher latitudes (60-70 degrees North and South)
- less rainfall

Temperate Deciduous Forests
- Distribution: found widely in Japan, China, Europe, North America, New Zealand
- Characteristics:
1. Deciduous leaves- very broad, has a larger surface are to get more sunlight in summer and spring, leaves fall off in autumn and winter to minimise water loss due to transpiration
2. Layers- canopy is thick in summer, shrubs and small trees, forest floor grows rapidly in spring and summer and disappears in autumn and winter
3. colour changes- chlorophyll production stops
4. not very dense
5. 3 or 4 varieties in an area

Temperate Coniferous forests
- Distribution: Similar to temperate deciduoud forests but in the northern parts and mountainous area
1. Coniferous= cone shaped
2. Supple/soft branches
3. Evergreen, do not drop their leaves
4. Small, needle-like leaves. Because there is a smaller surface area, less water is lost and therefore there is no need to drop leaves.
5. One layer, little undergrowth
6. Usually homogenous (1 type) in variety within an area

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